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Dr. Pescatore’s Essential Cancer Protocol
Dr. Pescatore’s Essential Cancer Protocol
Simple, science-based strategies to fight cancer
Simple, science-based strategies to fight cancer

What if there was a way to fight cancer cells without harming healthy ones?

And what if the secret to achieving this remarkable feat was found in items available in every supermarket in the country?

Well, research shows it could be possible.

One in vitro study showed a simple, natural compound called Genesis AP has the unique ability to “reprogram” cancer cells, which could make them more sensitive to treatment

And other research shows Genesis AP could even strip cancer cells of some of their most notorious defense mechanisms.

So why isn’t Genesis AP making headlines as the greatest cancer breakthrough of the 21st century?

Well, as one of the University of Missouri researchers bluntly put it:

“Pharmaceutical companies don’t stand to profit from it so the industry won’t put money into studying it.”

This willful ignorance ends today.

Renowned physician, Dr. Fred Pescatore is releasing everything he knows about this and other treatments he uses in his own clinic in his Essential Cancer Protocol.

This landmark protocol features dozens of natural, science-backed remedies like…

  • True-blue cancer protection from a fruit the Native Americans ate regularly for its healing protection
  • Six ways to transform your immune system into a cancer-fighting powerhouse
  • How to dramatically reduce your risk of cancer—in just 20 minutes a day!
  • Six “white knight” supplements everyone should have in their anti-cancer cavalry
  • Shocking facts every woman must know about preventing and fighting breast cancer
  • Bold strategies for dealing with prostate cancer
  • How to fight skin cancer from the inside out
  • And much more…

The Essential Cancer Protocol is the culmination of Dr. Pescatore’s 20+ years in practice. And it features 40 comprehensive lessons (over 4 hours) with complete details on all of the information he uses with his patients in the fight against cancer.

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